For the month of February, friends challenged me to produce a piece of art every day. I’m a little surprised but quite proud to report that I did! In 29 days, I produced 25 pencil sketches, 2 photographs, 1 piece of graphic design and a study for a large art project I hope to complete later in the year.

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Superhero stew /

I made this stew for my kids. It contains many of their favorite ingredients. My daughter named it and promises you that it is scrumdiddlyumptuous.

Exploring SwiftUI with Recipes

Apple recently released SwiftUI, which is a new declarative system for building user interfaces across Apple platforms. When Mac OS X came out, Apple introduced Objective-C and Project Builder including the NeXT-inspired Interface Builder tools (since integrated in XCode).

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Adventures in winemaking at home

I’m making wine. The process is a delightful combination of craft and science. I had no idea where this mission would take me - from harvesting grapes in bucolic Sonoma, to exploring the micro-biology of malolactic fermentation.

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Laser cut Tic-Tac-Toe

My daughter recently learned to play Tic-Tac-Toe (that’s Noughts and Crosses for all the English readers and “exie ohsies” for the norn-iron crew). I made her a wooden board using our Glowforge which came out so well she wanted to give one to her friend for their birthday.

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Distraction-free writing

More than a decade ago I had a Psion 5mx. A great little palmtop computer with a mechanical keyboard. I used it to take notes in meetings, to write stuff on trains and on beaches.

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