The Northbelt

Recently I read this old WIRED article linked on a dicussion forum.

It kindof blew my mind. For a while in 2004, a man in Germany wore a belt which continuously gave tactile feedback indicating which direction was north, and he developed a sixth sense of direction.

"On a visit to Hamburg, about 100 miles away, he noticed that he was conscious of the direction of his hometown. W├Ąchter felt the vibration in his dreams, moving around his waist, just like when he was awake."

So obviously, I had to have a magical north pointing belt myself. There are a bunch of project pages across the web of folks who have made their own, but they were all pretty old and bulky, so I’ve started a little project to build one using slightly more up to date parts. It’s currently a work in progress, but here’s a picture of the breadboard prototype.

You can follow along with my progress in this github repo: