blogging again

Since joining twitter, I haven’t written a single blog post - my old blog became defunct and is now available only via the magic of’s wayback machine.

I love twitter - it’s really changed the way I consume media.  I find most excellent content on the web these days via the folks I follow - my favorite blog, is now just a tiny slice of my attention span.  Twitter is helping me engage with content that isn’t on the web too - watching live TV has suddenly become much more interesting for me than on-demand because I can see what everyone else is thinking (even for ridiculously long tail shows late at night on cable only channels).

But, recently I’ve been considering embarking on a couple of more involved projects than I can capture in 140 char missives, so I’m going to experiment with web 1.0 all over again.  Of course, my twitter stream will remain the up-to-the minute stream of consciousness it is today, but I’ll start linking out here from time to time.  Wish me luck.